Modular Spaceships

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  • This is a vector, two-dimensional, grid-based modular set of spaceship parts. 
    The idea behind it is to be an easy tool for anyone (not necessarily an artist) to explore, prototype and design visually plausible sci-fi spacecraft.

    Set I is freely available for download, and a second set is in the works. 
    I plan to make more in the future, and all of them will be free.
    (ZIP containing PSD, FLA & AI files, 1.7MB)
  • Set I

    There are 8 components in this set. Names are merely orientative. They are designed to snap into a square grid of “power of two” measurements (8, 16, 32, 64...) included in both their bitmap and vector versions. The purpose of this is to make them easy to arrange and encourage rough -yet precise- experimentation. Read further for more details on this.
  • About this project

    Like many projects, it began as a personal one. While collecting references for a personal game project, I became aware that the aesthetic I was looking for wasn’t really popular.
    I didn’t want aerodynamics or fancy space opera hulls. I wanted to take the present-day International Space Station, push it one or two centuries into the future and see what it looked like. Ships that (even if they weren’t realistic in a technical sense) at least looked realistic. So I started drawing them myself.

    A quick comparison between the rough concepts and the finished vector form:
  • A few examples

    As I said before, component’s names are merely orientative. I’m no engineer, and even if they feel more “achievable” than your average Star Wars spaceship, they’re still very much fictional. Feel free to rotate, invert, overlap and remix them until they look cool together. A cannon made of habitation modules and propellers? Sure! You only need your imagination to build your unique vessel in which to conquer the stars.

    I include 3 spacecraft in order to show what’s possible. They are only examples, and I hope different people use the sets differently in order to achieve unique results. 
  • Future sets

    I'm currently working on a second set, and I plan to make a few different ones. What's in store for the future? Engines, antennae, weapons, decorations, rust layers... are some of the ideas I’m playing with. The possibilities are vast.

    This work is under a Creative Commons license. You can use it free of charge even in commercial projects, and I only require that you credit me. Of course, if you strongly feel I deserve it, I accept donations.
    I hope you like it! Let me know what you use this for, leave your comments and suggestions in the box below or just drop me a line.
    Thanks for your time.