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Skinny's Siri Self Service

Skinny's Siri Self Service
Voice Interaction Design
Manage your plan, add-ons and keep track of your balance with your voice.

Based on Skinny's Text Self Service and Siri Shortcuts, control all the important stuff about your Skinny account directly with Siri.

Here's some of the main dialogs written to make Text Self Service more natural and easier to navigate.

Black lines are input from the user;
Gray lines are lists of possible answers (suggested visually on the screen or read out loud by Siri);
Orange lines are answers from Siri.

The end of each conversation results in Siri sending a text message in the background with the appropriate keywords, the user then gets an instant reply from Skinny.
Balance and account info​​​​​​​

Hey Siri, Skinny balance
Your Skinny balance is $42.50 credit, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 93.06GB of rollover data.
You are on the $66 MEGA plan which will automatically renew on July 18, 2020 at 09:45.​​​​​​​

Hey Siri, Skinny top-up.
How do you want to top-up?
[Using a voucher / Using a stored card]
Using a stored card.
Alright. How much do you want to top-up?
And what's your 4-digit security code?
OK. I'll ask Skinny to top-up your account with $66 using your saved card. Do you confirm?
That's done!
Start a Data Binge session​​​​​​​
A Data Binge session gives unlimited data for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours or 12 hours and starts immediately.

Hey Siri, Skinny Data Binge.
Let's go! How long do you want your unlimited data to last?
[10 minutes / 1 hour / 4 hours / 12 hours]
1 hour
OK. I'll ask Skinny to start your Data Binge session now!
Transferring credit​​​​​​​

Hey Siri, transfer Skinny credit.
Alright. To transfer your credit to another Skinny number I just need to know the amount and the full phone number (with 10 digits).
How much do you want to transfer?
To which number?
I'll ask Skinny to transfer $66 to 2043210123. Do you confirm?
Plans & Add-ons​​​​​​​

Hey Siri, buy a Skinny plan.
Which plan would you like?
[$9 / $16 / $26 / $36 / $46 / $70 / $5 Weekly / $20 Weekly / Get pricing details]
The $70 plan.
Let's go! If you have an active plan, it will be canceled and your new plan will start immediately. Do you want to buy the $70 plan?
And it is done! Your plan will auto-renew unless canceled. Enjoy!

Hey Siri, stop Skinny.
What do you wish to cancel?
[Everything / An add-on / A recurring offer]
I'll ask Skinny to cancel it. Do you confirm?
That's Done!

Hey Siri, buy Skinny add-ons.
Check your messages! I asked Skinny to send a list of add-ons available to you.
Regarding add-ons, the list of options is huge and varies depending on the user's current plan. Therefore, Siri will simply ask Skinny to send a list and let the user choose directly in Messages.
Next Steps

This work has been made entirely with Apple Shortcuts and works out of the box with Siri on any iPhone with a Skinny SIM card. The next step would be to implement this feature in the Skinny app so Siri can also handle errors, have a richer UI and a more natural conversation.

For example, with a Siri integration instead of a Shortcut, the user could say directly: "Hey Siri, start a 10 minutes Data Binge session" or "Hey Siri, transfer $66 of Skinny credit to Jane" without having Siri asking the user to choose from a list of options, making the interaction faster and more natural.
And with error handling, Siri could offer to top-up the account if there is not enough funds to perform the requested action.

Way to go Skinny 🙌

Skinny's Siri Self Service

Skinny's Siri Self Service

Voice Interaction Design work utilizing Siri Shortcuts to manage your entire Skinny account with your voice. Skinny is a New-Zealand carrier offe Read More