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USPC Student ID Card
A modern card for a modern university
USPC unveiled a new visual identity looking towards the future of this network of 13 schools and universities across Paris.

Once a simple proof of enrollment, the student ID card has become a central key to access commodities around the campus. From borrowing books at the library to paying for food, the card is now used for a wide range of things and requires an upgrade.

The goal is not just to give the card a features upgrade but also to make the new design iconic for the whole USPC community.
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Old student ID card design
The new design
The card adopts the new brand identity of USPC, giving more space to the data that matters: the picture, main campus, student name and student number.

A QR code replaces the old barcode for more flexibility and the card is now NFC compatible to easily tap to pay or unlock facilities.

Students can also use their virtual card wherever NFC is available.
USPC Student ID Card


USPC Student ID Card

Concept for the new student ID card of USPC (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité).