In 2007 I was graduating in "Branding Design" and my final project was a study about a nonprofit brand called Ocas", an organization that helps homeless people through the sale of a cultural magazine. They turn them into 'Ocas" magazine sellers', allowing them to use the money from the sales to provide financial support to change their lives.
For the cover of my thesis, I decided to create a puppet based on the magazine sellers, but at the same time I used part of the brand (the end quotes) as an integral part of the character design.
The puppet sketches.
Using inkscape to create the puppet modeling.
 internal skeleton scheme.
The puppet armature.
dOcas" puppet (front view)
dOcas" puppet (rear view).
When I finished the puppet, I went to streets to take photos of him in magazine sale places.
Thesis cover (front).
Thesis cover (back).