For a long time I had a unused plastic sphere here in my shop, so I decided to make a really fine doll with it. First: the sketch.
In my personal facebook account some friends gave me the idea to make a floating head in the helmet, so was naturally put a skull within.
He was a astronaut in a far outpost. Unfortunatly he died in a "accident" and after made a deal with the devil, he back to solve his death.

Back to doll. The first thing I have to do was convert a flat fabric into a space suit (with folds and creases)...
But before sewing the uniform I faced the first problem: how to join a plastic sphere into fabric?

I solved this sawing a thread cone to make a base for the sphere
This is the final piece:
With uniform done, I created a puppet armature with electric cable (as muscle - in red) and brass (as bones - in golden/yellow). I wrapped it in compressed polyester fiber to stuff it. Now this lil' guy can move!!
Yes! The doll have articulated fingers too!!
The uniform was too much simple, so after a paint job, effects in felt and 3D sole made with foam...
... the body was ready!!
Oh! I forgot to mention the chest plate? Has a LED light on it!!!
To hide the battery and the wire, I made a backpack with power switch embed on it.
Finally the last challenge: how to make a skull float into a helmet? Now is simple to say that, but is using a thin plastic circle.
A little scratch here, a band-aid over there and the Dead Astronaut is done.
Some studio pics...