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    Illustration for iphone case (personal work)
In July 15th was my sister's birthday, so I decided to make an Iphone case for her. She loves cats, rock music and purple color. After five days sketching, I finaly did a design that combines these three things.
I created a rocker cat with curly hair, sexy with attitude, but before I got this I tried to make other cats...
The second rocker cat. I'd liked it, but wasn't this...
The final rocker cat. At this point I didn't know how would be the final colours tones.
I never saw a cat entirely brown, so I decided to paint mine like this. My bride saw the final colours and said: "You transformed your sister into a cat!!" - only at this point I realized what I did! : D
This is the final illustration. I did the striped background to avoid blank areas in the Iphone case (and I like stripes! : P )
Passed five days I received the final piece. Was the first time I made a product (non toy) and maybe I'll make more in the future! : )