Keebler Elves

Keebler Elves: Simply Made

The magical world of the Keebler Elf gives Alice Blue the opportunity to bring a full range of their talent to the party. Precise modeling; Environment creation including growing trees, grass and plant life; Elf posing and lighting, complete with simulation renders, and, as always, seamless post production that pulls all the elements to craft their tasty miniature fantasy world. 

Three different scenes. Three fun, organic worlds.  

To create a realistic pile of CG M&Ms, we poured our candy geometry through a wireframe funnel and into a waiting bowl. Using simulated gravity, friction and mathematically precise collisions, we created a chocolate mountain that looks just right.

Alice Blue Production Company
CGI Design: Chris Warden. Lena Pigareva
Lighting, Rendering: Chris Warden. Lena Pigareva
Post Production: Chris Warden, Lena Pigareva
Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: Keebler

Keebler Elves