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VMLYR - Stoneville '100 Year' Anniversary


To help VMLYR celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of Stoneville Cotton, Alice Blue enlisted the help of a big fan. We filmed our crooning star on a green screen, while capturing the landscape vista on location. Our rooster was also rigged in CGI to animate the mouth which was integrated with the live action captured in camera. A star is born.​​​​​​​

Alice Blue Production Company
Executive Producer: Meredith Ott
Director/DP: Matt Trygar, Flagship Visuals
Line Producer: Heather Drakulich
1st AC: Austin Burnette / Matt Haskell
Gaffer: Jake Pulliam
Digital Tech: Josh Zuercher
Post Production Supervisor: Pete Amante
Visual FX: Pete Amante
Editor: Joe Rappa
Motion Design: Kris Rivel
Colorist: Jeremy Stuart
Sound Design: Evolution Audio
Talent Handler: Amy Barr
Talent: Rooster

Agency: VMLYR
Group Creative Director: Becky Ervin
Creative Director: Eric King
Sr Copywriter: Rick Hebert
Sr Art Director: Daniel Feuer
Sr Producer: Justin Bengaud
Chandra Brabson: Director, Client Engagement
Anne Carbo: Business Affairs Manager

Client: BASF
Hadley Howard: Product Manager, U.S. Cottonseed BASF
Leandra Grissom: Marketing Communications Manager, Diversified Crops

VMLYR - Stoneville '100 Year' Anniversary

VMLYR - Stoneville '100 Year' Anniversary

How to make a rooster sing Happy Birthday? Shoot on location, and use VFX to make a very shy rooster, shot on Green screen, sing loud and clear. Read More