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    Canning, NS
This project was completed in collaboration with Coastal Studio, a Dalhousie Architecture design studio led by Prof. Ted Cavanagh. The project is located at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts where it serves as a modular space that can change with the demanding needs of the camp. The design team experimented with 1:1 structural mockups to further understand the nature of the lamella structure, its fabrication and assembly. The structure is essentially an arch that is formed by a system of intersecting Helix’s, where one of the ‘strands’ of the helix cuts the arch form at a constant angle, which is subtended by a 90 degree angle at each node. The end result is a timber structure that spans a large distance using short members. The prototyping, computer modeling and lamella fabrication took place in the fall of 2009 and construction began in the spring of 2010. Once the structure was completed the project was then integrated into the Dalhousie Architecture's curriculum.
Location: Canning, NS
Completed: 2010