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    Master's Design Project

With an indepth look into existing food infrastructure in Halifax, there is a need to promote seafood culture in the city. The design is supposed to raise discourse about the catching, distributing, and eating in a sustainable manner. The design is meant to be a living system that connects the eater with the food source on an intimate level. 
The design has three areas. The ocean area includes space for fishing boats to unload there catch, gut and dispose, then sell it within the market space or right off the boat. The ‘production’ area has room for a fish habitat for any live catch that preserves freshness. The Fish Habitat is filtered periodically by an aquaponic system that removes fish feces and uses it as plant food for various sea-plants in the Seaweed Cultivation Center. 
The urban area connects the city with the seafood complex. It contains a restaurant and a Seaweed Info Pavilion. The Restaurant’s idea is that one picks their own fish and can watch it transform from cutting board to dinner plate. The design is meant to be replicated along other waterfront communities.
Dalhousie University Masters Of Architecture Design Project
Location: Halifax N.S.
Completed: 2010