HR Maniacs — Brand Identity

HR Maniacs

Matching the right people to the right jobs has become a challenge in recent years not only for companies but also for HR professionals working directly with them. Relationships that are created with the target company in which the candidate will be hired are one side of the coin. The second is the increasingly valuable Head Hunter — Employee relationship, which makes Head Hunters become employee's carers during their career path development. Today's HR is headhunting, i.e. leading a candidate directly to a client. It can be contracting, i.e. delegating a specialist to various companies depending on the clients' needs and finally managed services, i.e.implementation of projects for various clients by own development teams.

Due to a large number of HR companies, we decided that the brand should be bold, stand out from an industry that still looks like the legal or banking. Today, there are no excel tables behind great candidates, but real people who can find, understand and put them in the best possible career path. That should be the role of schools and universities, but unfortunately, they can't handle it the right way.

We have created a brand that on the one hand meets the needs of the employer - clearly standing out due to the colour palette and bold typography, on the other - for employees who need someone to support their career.

We've found that everyone is handing out cups, lanyards, food boxes and a ton of unnecessary things to employees, which is why at HR Maniacs we have created a good-quality Start Kit that will be useful.

The branding was based on Popset papers and we treated them as brand colours. Mirror paper was supposed to complement the whole and make printed materials stand out. Typography is Maxéville by Mark Niemeijer — Open Studio, which is difficult to overlook due to the large diacritical marks. We closed the whole in a very coherent and simple grid.





Photography: Talented Matt Wojnar

HR Maniacs — Brand Identity