Zamoyski — Exhibition Identity

"To think in a stone" is an exhibition held by the Museum of Literature in Warsaw and is dedicated to the works of one of the most intriguing Polish sculptors - August Zamoyski. He spent most of his life abroad, in France and Brazil, and therefore his work is not very well known in Poland.

The marketing crew not only entrusted the visual identity of the exhibition to us. Our mutual goal was to interest a broad audience with the silhouette of a little-known but extremely colorful Polish artist.

The complexity of the project also concerned the proper communication of the exhibition site. Although the institution is located in the Warsaw Old Town, many locals and tourists do not pay attention to it because of the lack of expressive and characteristic elements.

The scope included the exterior design elements, like flags and banners, to make the Museum stand out from the surroundings, as well as the flyers and maps to help visitors reach the spot and to navigate the exhibition.

A typographical concept is strictly tied to the process of sculpting when a uniform structure transforms into the new form. Details in the serif cut correspond with sculpted stone while one-cut slice underlines the exuberant nature of stone. Yellow shape creates a passage between creative work and raw material. We wanted to emphasize the harmony of the process which results in different outcomes each time.
The Lockdown influenced the decision to create a website dedicated to the exhibition. While most cultural institutions shared unattractive videos from the exhibitions or introduced virtual walks, together with the Museum of Literature we created an interactive showcase, presenting the most interesting collections on the life and work of August Zamoyski.

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Zamoyski — Exhibition Identity