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Hakuro is a Polish brand that manually produces 
high-quality, natural and synthetic make-up brushes.

Their competitive advantage is the ability to stack natural bristles, 
giving the effect of exceptional softness. Hakuro's brush production process 
is close to the traditional one cultivated in Japan, hence the brand's inspiration 
with the culture of the The Land of the Cherry Blossom.

The aim of Hakuro's rebranding was to adapt the brand image 
to the quality of the products that were carefully refined 
over the ten years of the brand's existence.

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The oblong form of the letters in the new logotype refers to the layouts often found 
in Japanese visual culture: vertical formats or typography, the IKI structure, 
which is a preference for slender regular vertical lines. 

The logotype is reproduced in various techniques in minimal sizes on the brush handles, from pad printing to engraving, hence, among other things, the lack of contrasts between the elements of lettering signs, which should in all circumstances reflect the original vector drawing. Letters that are apparently of one thickness differ slightly from each other in order to optically balance the weight of the sign.

The subject of the project was also to design the key visuals for each product line. 
Two – intended for amateurs of makeup, and one for professional customers.

Each line received its own packaging, markings, pictograms, 
photo sessions and new packshots of all brush models. 
Brushes are now packed in unit packages with four dimensions adapted 
to the size of individual models. Each one of them is made of FSC® certified paper. 
Inserts holding the brushes inside protect the bristles from deformation.

Hakuro H is the first and the longest-polished brush line. It currently consists of 28 models that allow to make a complete make-up, both daytime and evening. This series uses classic shapes of handles and high-quality natural and synthetic bristles. The photoshoot of the H brushes was inspired by the footprints combed in the sand of the Zen gardens.

Hakuro J is a series dedicated to people who deal with makeup professionally. 
It contains 37 different shapes of bristles, giving full flexibility in choosing the tool for the desired effect. Made of natural goat hair from Japan, characterized by adequate flexibility and extraordinary softness. The series is completed by a few brushes with synthetic bristles with parameters similar to soft goat hair. Variant of brushes J with long handles is designed for ergonomic work of make-up artists with clients. The variant with short, barrel-shaped handles meets the needs of people who do makeup in front of a mirror. 
New photos representing the line are to bring closer details, 
so important for a professional audience.​​​​​​​

the K series was created for people who want to experiment with makeup. 
Contains 15 brush models, including non-standard bristle shapes and is made of both natural and synthetic bristles. The characteristics of the synthetic bristles used correspond to soft natural ones.

We also took care of shipping packaging which according to the brand values 
should be fully recyclable and reduce the amount of plastics used, 
so it is secured with a paper tape. There are three box sizes 
to match the dimensions of typical online store orders.

The brand has developed guidelines for the care, cleaning and storage of its products 
so that its recipients can enjoy brushes in good condition as long as possible.

The care recommendations for such product are very complex. 
Therefore, we have provided their presentation with a set of pictograms 
and illustrations in the form of a brochure attached to orders.

The new brand website was implemented along with the rebranding. 
Its architecture is based on the needs indicated by the brand's customers.​​​​​​​

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Creative & Art Direction
Brand strategy
Communication & tone of voice
Key visuals of product lines
Unit & shipping packaging
Promotional brochures
B2B offers & manuals
Webdesign UX & UI
Social media strategy


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Hakuro Brushes

Hakuro Brushes

Hakuro is a Polish brand that manually produces high-quality, natural and synthetic make-up brushes. Their competitive advantage is the ability t Read More