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Immune system
Immune system
Immune system.
Science museum Live systems, Moscow, 2015.

This videoinstallation like a game explains how human immune system works.
Gradually bacterias and viruses are growing up in the human organism. The goal of gamers is to help to defeat the disease by pushing leukocytes towards bacterias.

Technical description.
Several depth cameras such as Kinect digitize silhouettes of the visitors standing at the installation. The program uses silhouettes to control the game.
Producer: Ksenia Lyashenko
Art direction: Igor Tatarnikov, Lena Nogami
Artist, characters: Ksenia Samarina
3D graphics: Vadim Sosnin
Programming: Denis Perevalov, Igor Tatarnikov
Scientific consultant: Anton Zaharov
Music, sound design: Leksha
Video: Likeamovie.ru
Made in Kuflex.
Immune system

Immune system

Defeat the bacterias and viruses by pushing leukocytes on them!