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    A series of cloth-bound, foil blocked books designed as a present for a friend.


This was a present I designed for a very dear friend of mine. I managed to track down copies of
a series of books that she'd read as a child whilst on holiday at her aunt's in Canada. However,
upon her last visit she could only manage to find 3 of the 8 as most of them had been lost when
her aunt moved houses. The books went out of print in the early 90s and so I was only able to track down used copies from America, which while beautiful in their own right through the aging process, weren't exactly fit to give as a gift.

Therefore I designed this four volume, cloth-bound series which, whilst new on the outside, featured the original pages on the inside thus creating a contrast between new and old. Each book featured two of the original softbacks and so I kept the original covers in the binding to act as dividers.

The covers of each volume featured a foil blocked victorian pattern, inspired by the starting era in which the three heroines of the series find themselves, which plays on this idea of contrasting new and old. 
Each volume also featured custom headbands that reflected the colour of the foil on the front, back
and spine and for that extra level of customisation, each volume featured a personal dedication.