3 Minutes
Stefan Gandl (NeuBauBerlin)
Alex Haigh (Thinkdust/HypeForType)
Brighten The Corners
Nick Hard (Research Studios)
Jeff Knowles (Research Studios)
Si Scott
Paul Skerm & Paul McDermid
Abbott Miller (Pentagram)
AWARDSD&AD Professional Awards 2010 - In-BookCATEGORYPrintCLIENTDesigners Against Human Rights Abuse (DAHRA) and Tibet Relief FundROLECreative DirectorABOUT3 Minutes is the second publication from non-profit organisationDesigners Against Human Rights Abuse (DAHRA) and the second collaboration between DAHRA and Tibet Relief Fund.The premise of the book is to show the full extent of the Tibetan conflict through 10 diverse and extremely powerful 3-minute interviews, each describing the 3 minutes that changed their lives. This idea is reflected in the covers of each booklet, which separately make beautiful abstract covers but together form to make a ‘3’.Contributors were asked to translate these minute interviews into 16 printed page booklets using primarily typography. The result is a book made up of 10 beautifully designed booklets from some of the world's best designers showcasing considered and stunning typography.The book is available for £10 + p&p worldwide with all proceeds going toTibet Relief Fund and being distributed by SubismThe contributors to this project are Bibliotheque, Brighten the Corners, Stefan Gandl (NeubauBerlin), Alex Haigh (Thinkdust / HypeforType), 
Nick Hard (Research Studios), Jeff Knowles (Research Studios), Abbott Miller (Pentagram), Si Scott, 
Paul Skerm, Un.titledBuy the Book Here
3 Minutes