A Day in the Life of a Graphic Design Student
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CATEGORYPrintCLIENTSelf InitiatedABOUTWith the advent of technology, such as Twitter, blogs and the Internet, has the reality of being a final year graphic design student changed? There’s no denying it has become infinitely harder to stand out of the crowd as creative directors can see hundreds, if not thousands, of student portfolios with a few clicks of the mouse. And, because of this, graphic design students have to be a mixture of designer, PR agent, blogger/tweeter and technophile.But does the industry perception of graduates take this into account? This book aims to show the reality of being a final year graphic design student by comparing a day in the life of seven Ravensbourne students, in an unbiased and clear manner. This book does not include data from the industry as you, the reader, have an infinitely clearer picture of what a day in your life is like and therefore can make the comparisons yourself. Instead, all it does is portray the reality and lives of seven graphic design students on 13/04/2010 in the hope of painting a more accurate picture and the notion that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm as a whole.The book is comprised of a day in the life of 7 students shown through the use of 7 sections, 7 colours and 7 typefaces and comes shrink wrapped in black metallic foil. Thus must be torn to read the book and represents night transitioning into (revealing) day.