Light years ago in a far far galaxy there existed a city that was built on the harmonic ideas of its own inhabitants…
But that’s another story…
Our life takes place in the Eternal City, looking back on a boiling hot May of 2007, when for the nth time ideas with their related dreams were overcome by those speculations economically more profitable.
At that time we took the decision to keep on dreaming with our creative minds adding an extra touch of irony and criticism.
This is the reason why we chose to set up a Studio, which denounced in its very name our will not to give up to reality, though extremely conscious of the current state of things: Desperate Architects Rome City, or rather D’Arc.
D’Arc.Studio is an Architectural Studio which is not restricted to one single Discipline, but opens itself up to the influences of both Art and Science, absorbing from them what can turn to be an essential piece of the project: each side of the polyhedron comes from the different experience of each member of the Studio, who is sometime in accord or run into a dynamic collision, but eventually able together to create a complete and elaborate whole.
We don’t try to give shape to an architectural poetics, a noble academic language, a recognizable archetype form.
We take a careful look to what really exists, what could become and what evokes feelings worth to be studied and translated: the grain, the colour and the smell of a canvas, the pages of a book which run through fast and autonomously, a picture where you seem to be in, a series of notes which we would have personally written, a movie shot thousand times, a number of comic boards which tell and touch, a sign made of leaves black lead light sound and pixel.
We live, we don’t plan.
We are still desperate, but we are here. Always on the move, and we don’t wait for the world to get better. We try to better ourselves. Thank you.