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  • "Where do the great swells come from?
    And for what?
    Only that now it was time…
    …and we had waited so long.
    It’ll be a swell so big and strong
    it will wipe everything clean.
    That’s when this board will be ridden."
    Big Wednesday, 1978
    The inspiration for the design of LongBoard is closely linked to the tables of the same name, stable, massive, and able to deal with storm surges and waves with semplicity and elegance.
    The similarity and the choice of this identity is also duplicated in the construction process with a light skeleton composed of three central spines that run longitudinally and cross-sections in rib lightened by circular holes with a filler blocks in solid milled for maximum adherence to the structure and polished by hand.
    The volumetric structural part is made of maple.
    The prospectus longitudinal is asymmetrical with a difference of thickness of the floor which visibly diminishes in the direction of overhang of 70 cm, confirming the same design of the project development in the plan view, and is balanced on the side opposite to itwith a larger size due to the presence through the integrated drawer with a safety lock, central and therefor usable by two long sides without distinction.
    The drawer of the material is in accordance with the coating of the legs ranging from the effects of light brushed aluminum, powder-coated steel, corten steel.
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