Netflix: 700+ greek title localizations for Netflix

The challenge: Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV series, documentaries, and films across a wide range of genres. It has 130 million users worldwide and operates in more than 190 countries. When Netflix decided to expand its service in Greece by launching its platform locally, a need arose to find design agencies that would handle the localization. This is where we came in, as we were selected to design the network’s original and licensed logo titles and all of their assets in Greek.
The concept: In view of the local launch of its platform, Netflix charged us with creating strong localized design and visuals. This has been a creative opportunity but also a real challenge, as it means adapting a vast amount of titles and logos into the Greek language while respecting their original identity in terms of their font style, boldness, size, effects, and all other properties.

One of the challenges that we faced was that the unique letter-forms of the Greek alphabet had to be redesigned from scratch in order to match the original title. To meet this unique challenge, we brought out the big guns: exceptional typographical design and custom lettering. Within eight months, we designed more than 700 logos and titles in Greek for the movies, series, and documentaries available on Netflix in Greece. Of course, each logo should be easy-to-read on every device, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets, so we created versions for each of these platforms. We stepped up to a heavy workload in a very tight deadline, considering that most of the time we had to design over 60 logos per week along with their assets, which in many cases could number as many as 18. At the end of this project, we embarked on an 11,098 km trip to the Netflix offices in Los Angeles to immerse ourselves deeper into the corporate culture. So, to keep it short, you had been streaming Netflix pining for the Greek version? You can binge-watch all you want now, ’cause it’s on!

Client: Netflix Inc., U.S.A.
Role: Art Direction, Logo Design, Title Localisation
Credits: External Partners: Anna Kalozoumi, Konstantinos Killaris 
Date: December, 2017
Netflix: 700+ greek title localizations