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    Sleeping & Jacket
The project consist in a sleeping bag composed by two parts, the jacket and the bag. The basic idea behind my project is to realize a product which is improving the quality of the life and in particular the sleeping time avoiding the reduction of space into the spleeping bag. people need space to sleep, to have the feeling of a normal warm blanket, so in my project i’ve thought to combine the two diffent part in a way that people have more space for their arms and for the legs adding more textiles in the central part of the jacket and using a bottom bag bigger. the jacket and the other part can be easily combined thanks two zippers and a velcro stripes, so people can get also get out without problems and if it’s too warm inside they can leave open a part to have a more tranpirant sleeping bag. is it possible to sleep in two different way: leaving the arms in the jacket or like a normal sleeping bag; in this way is possible to fix the pillow under your head sticking the sleeves at the cap thanks to velcro stripes.