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Cigarettes & Ashtray Pack
Cigarettes & Ashtray Pack
Project Partner: Sebastian Arnold
“Cigarette&ashtray” is a concept for a new package of cigarettes which is trying to change the habits of
smokers. Looking around we’ve seen that smokers typically use to throw cigarette butts on the ground, besides the empty packets. it’s known that they’re almost impossibleto be recycled.
The project idea is to develop a package that contains within it a space for the butts,so smokers’ll be able to
throw at once the package and butts. The main innovation in the package are openings, present on both sides, one contains the new cigarettes and the other the butts. those two areas are separated by an internal alluminium foil expandable that lets odors between the two areas. The size will be the same as the old one, will therefore
have sufficient space to hold 18 cigarettes (project for the German market). Every time a cigarette is smoked the aluminum foil can be expanded so the user’ll have more space for the butts.