project partner: Riccardo Besana

The project consists in a re-design of backgammon. 
the base of the game is circular rather than rectangular, as it’s usually.
This concept has been chosen not only to innovate and change one of the most classic games, but to fluidify the flow of the game from one quadrant to another. The game board with its shape also wants to remind a clock, with the idea of the flow of time and especially the 150 years from 1861 to 2011 (to celebrate italian 150th anniversary), a player will start from the box indicated by 1861 (box 1) and will reach the one with 2011 (box 24) and the other player viceversa.
The game rules are not different from backgammon’s one and are printed into the packaging with a brief to explain how to assemble the pieces.

(prototyped and exposed at macef 2010)