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Type: bar | Area: 120 sq.m | Location: Kremenchuk, Ukraine | Year: 2019 | Photo: Serhii Kadulin

Say hello to Kofan.

It is a new bar with a simple design and unique atmosphere for the most delicious conversations. It is the fourth to eat-drink-talk place of this family in Kremenchuk and the second one with design by Sergey Makhno Architects.

Our design is a set of solutions that make the space breathe.

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Problem: the tables are difficult to move
Solution: obedient tables

Kofan bar is the place where events, celebrations and friends’ hangouts may take different formats. So we made the tables move depending on the number of visitors and type of event by locating the centerline of the tables on the rail track. It’s black and minimalistic, so no one ever notices it.

Problem: the pursuit of new materials
Solution: old garage

The profiled metal all over the bar is made from an old garage. To make it look nice we painted it in white and asked our friends from Kelsis studio to decorate it with a plaster imitating rust. Reuse in action.

Problem: too dark
Solution: different types of lighting

Type 1. 

The ceiling is decorated with a multilayered metal web that scatters the light from the led lighting sources, mixing darkness with gold.

Type 2. 

Glass blocks with led lighting inside accentuate the space. They are located in different parts of the bar and look like the walls are filled with light.

Type 3. 

If there are several bathtubs you don’t need, please follow the instruction: put bathtubs on the ceiling above the bar, put a lamp inside of them, and amaze everyone with an unusual lighting solution. Bright light reflected in the glazing bathtub walls will help bartenders to make proper cocktails.

Type 4. 

Handmade ceramic lighting by Sergey Makhno gives soft emphases to the tables — it feels like there’s nobody else except for you and people sitting at your table.

Simple. Black and green. Bright.

Say it’s nice to meet you to Kofan.

Directed by Maryna Grechko. 

Photos by Serhii Kadulin
Text by Alina Kulyk
Layout design by Nikita Uvarov


Bar Kofan