A Tamil - Gujarati Wedding
The Sangeet:
The sangeet is a pre wedding event that happens on the evening before the wedding. It is organised for the friends and closest family of the bride and groom is based on a light modern theme with marigolds. Sangeet has dancing, musical performances and a cocktail party!
The welcome note, hashtag plaque, itinerary to be placed in the hotel rooms of the guest were all created in the same theme.
Social media tag plaque placed at the venue for the friends and family to tag the pictures they click.
While the sangeet was done in a minimal, modern style, the wedding decor and venue were decided to be much different from the above. 

Below are some mood boards created for the wedding's decor theme, style theme with Ikat* print style and caricatures for the bride & groom.

*Ikat is a fabric made using a decorative technique in which the warp or weft threads,
or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. This gives them a very peculiar pattern with noisy edges.

The Tamil - Gujarati Connection:

The rituals of the wedding were also a mix of both the customs where in the bride wore a South Indian style saree, jewelery & hairdo and the groom wore a muted kurta.
Standees designed for both the wedding and sangeet to greet the guests.
Tamil - Gujarati Wedding


Tamil - Gujarati Wedding

Tamil and gujarati style themed wedding card and marigold themed sangeet cards for an Indian wedding.