Ikhaya Boutique House, Chennai
Ikhaya proudly claims itself as Chennai’s Avant-Garde in boutique hotels with handpicked designer wallpapers, delicate linen, elegant vintage art, Dutch colonial architecture, antique furniture with a fine attention to detail, and monstera plants based on which the entire theme of the stationery is build.
01 Stationary

As the client already had the basic wordmark in place, a basic stationary inspired by golds and monstera leaves had to be created that will compliment the prisma style font of the Ikhaya logo. Other collaterals that are used in the rooms such as signage and menus are also made with a similar style to ensure visual continuity.
02 Print Brochure

One of the iconic features of the hotel is the blue doors that adorn the open spaces. And what more can a gateway fold need than a beautiful vintage door?
The print version of the brochure is a simple gateway fold with images of the place on either side of the doors and the information text and icons in the middle.
03 Web Brochure

A more elaborate web version of the brochure was created that can be emailed or shared via whatsapp. This brochure contains details of individual rooms, tariffs and other amenities that the hotel provides.
** All the images copyright of Ikhaya Boutique House.**
Branding Ikhaya Boutique


Branding Ikhaya Boutique

Stationery and collateral design for Ikhaya Boutique hotel, Chennai