Atmosphere of an epic story

The animation was aimed at being an intro to the e-learning platform for children of all ages. While using the platform, they are invited for a virtual journey through 6 different locations where they can earn multiple trophies and badges.
The biggest challenge was to create a picture which is interesting, eye-catching,
and applicable to every age group at the same time.

The plot starts with the first light from the torch, when ancient people began to collect their experiences.
We fly via centuries, taking the user on the journey through time and space.

To give the whole storytelling the feeling of an authentic 
experience we decided to use the voice of a senior, 
wise man as a narrator. He becomes our guide.


The mystery of the lost Book

The key element of all the adventures in the platform is the “Book of Codes” that one day has disappeared. 
Now children have to go through the subsequent levels, gaining knowledge and recreating the content from the Book. 

Gentle and smooth transitions walk the user through the different lands and build the feeling of the story 
told by the bonfire. One can almost feel the presence of the ancestors while this story is passed from one generation
to the other. The placement of the tiny character in the monumental backgrounds and wide, spacious locations strengthens the impression of how small the human is compared to the world.


Having the set of final illustrations created, we faced the most challenging part of the project: the animation itself.
We set the bar high, since we decided to use a cel animation technique. Moreover, we applied slick and smooth transitions, so the montage was soften adequately to the general feel of the animation. 

Another challenging part was creating various environments which came with different atmospheric phenomena
such as snow, lightning or fogs.Animated details allow the viewer to get the sensation of space in each scene.

Music & sfx

Music is an essential part of the animation. It can highlight the atmosphere and build the intensity of scenes. We wanted it to match the feeling perfectly so we decided to compose a track especially for our project.

The first part is calm and inviting and then it suddenly changes to more dynamic and inspiring while the journey continues. Last but not least, we added the SFX which works as a subtle accent, providing the final cut and making this project complete.

Thank you to whole team for an amazing work

art direction & animatic:  
Rafał Blecharz

Maria Pawlikowska

illustration & animation:

 music & sound design
Aimar Molero

concept-art:  Edward Kurchevsky
storyboard:  Javvie
production manager: Dorota Lichtańska
Ithra - Book of Codes

Ithra - Book of Codes

The animation was aimed at being an intro to the e-learning platform for children of all ages. While using the platform, they are invited for a v Read More