An animation made for EveryAGE Counts

is a part of a social campaign about ageism, targeting Australian citizens. Its goal is to fight discrimination related to old age.​​​​​​​
For a project of great social importance, we needed to come up with something serious, not a typical-everyday-vector-head-characters. 

We decided to choose a style which ensures that older people are not caricatured and where we can easily escape the ageist representation of them.
Lines symbolize the connection we establish in the society - we're all interconnected, even when we don't think so.

Our main goal was to use this metaphor visually: all objects were drawn with one stroke, like the kind of drawings you do for fun during a boring lesson. We also set the rule that all lines have to remain within the same width throughout the whole video.
In animation, we focused on scenes' continuity. Lines either morph into another object or become long enough to draw the next object. This style allowed us to be freer in terms of the design and amount of details. Purposeful imperfections in the proportions and general animation made it refreshing.
​​​​​​​We selected old-school and very bright colors in contrast with the beige and transparent backgrounds.

To make it feel even more retro, we added revealing animated textures and a moving grain on top of that. 
How retro is that? Too much for some, but not enough for us. This's why we also lowered the number of frames per second to mimic the retro style even more.
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Sounds are very organic and the digitally generated sfx's were decreased to a minimal amount.
We made use of wooden and paper sounds that fit the stylistics and make it feel like a weird, 60s video shown during student tutorials.
Copywriting: Paul Fishlock, Maria Pawlikowska Concept development: Maria Pawlikowska, Rafał Blecharz, Sławek Wydra
Concept Art: Ewa Ciałowicz Storyboard: Vera Dementchouk Animatic: Rafał Blecharz
Illustration: Vera Dementchouk Cel animation: Maria Kulpa Animation & Postproduction: Rafał Blecharz Sound Design: Robert Ostiak
Art Direction: Rafał Blecharz Production Manager: Mikołaj Błoński Account Manager: Piotr Zapałowicz
peace,  pride, humanrightswatch, refugees, education, diversity, civilrights, community, world, change, equal, europe, 
parliament, debate
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EveryAGE Counts - social campaign

EveryAGE Counts - social campaign

An animation made for EveryAGE Counts is a part of a social campaign about ageism, targeting Australian citizens. Its goal is to fight discrimina Read More