GQueues explainer video
Motion Graphics
GQueues is a task management app that is specifically designed for the Google Workspace.

Offering seamless integration with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Chrome (plus mobile apps for iOS and Android), allows users to access their tasks from anywhere and know nothing is falling through the cracks.
As the main target group of the video, we defined small-to-mid business owners and used storytelling to make it appeal and relatable to them.

Meet Jenn 
Throughout the story, Jenn describes her day in first-person narrative. She and her employees illustrate the problems of the target audience with their businesses (lack of organization and collaboration, unfinished tasks, being overly stressed).​​​​​​​
As the animation progressed, the contrast between the first and second parts really emphasized the advantages of using GQueues. Our approach was to contrast chaotic music and sound effects that increased its pace with peaceful and harmonious ones, and to change erratic visual cadence to a more user-friendly tempo.
Scope of work
In this project, we focused on picturing the main character's emotions as clearly as possible. Animation-wise, we used dynamic, hectic animation in the first part  when our character couldn’t keep up with active tasks, in the form of many “opened” windows at once. 

We can feel the hectic work coming to an end as soon as we introduce the product, as the animation calms down and fewer windows appear.
The animation was created in After Effects. Almost all character rigs and animations were made in Moho.

Creative Director: Rafał Blecharz
Art Director: Romka Kapusta
Animation Director: Sara Marinoni
Storyboard: Bartek Różycki
Key Illustration: Nat Krajewska
Sound Design: Robert Ostiak
Production Manager: Monika Ignaś
Client Relationship: Agnieszka Jania

GQueues explainer video