Save Our Underwater Life (SOUL)
The design issue for my studio module of my Degree Project essentially talks about marine life conservation. My thesis on the other hand covers not only this but conservation in general and
how in recent times when trying to promote matters that deal with protecting our environment, it is primarily done through using graphic visuals of the act without providing adequate information which may not always receive the attention it intends to.
After thoroughly studying my research topic,I came to the conclusion that violence and sympathy
are inter related when it comes to expressing controversial subjects but it isn’t always the
most powerful mode of expression. Therefore, my hypothesis is to communicate this matter
through a digital platform and educative illustrations that encourage the viewer to take action.
To do this, I visited a conservation centre last December and met up with a number of marine biologists and activists who were very inspirational and helpful. When I showed them my first semester’s outcomes which were my typeface, postcards, A-Z Fact book and poster- their feedback really helped me pick up pace for this semester. They said that my typeface brought across the message and that it would attract my desired target audience. However, when I spoke to designers prior meeting them, they felt that it was a little distracting and that the colour palate could be better executed. So, for this semester I tried to create outcomes that appeal to both my target audience as well as to image communicators. 
The conservationists need to be heard, and in today’s world a digital platform is the most effective way of doing so. I have generated an interactive website that promotes the work of existing organizations around the world. To support this website, I created a series of advertisements and a publication cum poster that can be printed in conservation magazines.
Work in Progress:
Interactive Website:
My aim was to generate an interactive website online which acts as a platform for already existing marine conservation centres around the world to be promoted and recognised. I contacted many of these organizations, and chose to promote 8 of them- most of whom gave me the concent to use their names and promote their work through this platform. The 8 organizations are: 
The idea was to make the map of the world but instead of highlighting the landmasses, highlight
the oceans as the main focus. The oceans will be illustrated in great detail using marine animals
and amongst them will be 8 animals that are critically endangered. These 8 animals are the ones
who the contacted organizations are trying to protect. The map will be used for the website so that the 8 animals can be clicked on to link to their respective conservation organization’s website. 
For example, when the viewer finds the whale shark on the map and move their mouse over it,
it turns blue.
When they click on it, a small write up about the animal and the organization that is helping to protect it pops up on the screen.
The logo and website provided at the end of the write up link the viewer to the official website of the organization so that they can take the initiative to either help, donate, volunteer or just understand why there is so important to protect them.
To view the full website log on to:
The map that is being used in the website will also be used as a poster in a publication. The other side of the map will provide a write ups along side their respective conservation centers along with additional information of the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem. This publication
cum poster can be implemented as an add-on in any wildlife conservation magazine to promote concerned readers to view the website and find out more as to how they can help.   
This project was showcased during the LASALLE Graduate Show '13: 
Save Our Underwater Life (SOUL)

Save Our Underwater Life (SOUL)

This is a website I created as a platform to help promote existing organizations from around the world that help protect marine wildlife.

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