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    I wanted to create a type which has words as well as illustrations within it. The concept is to promote awareness about endangered underwater ani… Read More
    I wanted to create a type which has words as well as illustrations within it. The concept is to promote awareness about endangered underwater animals and how it is vital for us to do something to save them. Each alphabet has a different fact about an endangered marine species. Read Less
In recent times, the most common approach to create awareness on any issue has been through means of provocative imagery to endorse a response and action from the viewer. Violent imagery
has been proven to be the most powerful way of expressing an issue, however it doesn’t necessarily have to be the only way. 

Creatively expressed images appealing to the better side of human nature and offering other
options could prove to be more effective in getting people to take up a cause or to solve a problem.

Humans are a major threat to endangered marine animals. Other than global warming being a key factor to the destruction of their habitats- over-fishing, illegal finning and pollution are also leading
to their deterioration. The threats to marine species are difficult to perceive than others considering marine animals are not as visible as animals on land. But unfortunately, marine creatures are equally, if not more, vulnerable to problems such as habitat destruction and overexploitation.
Shallow water animals that breathe air, like turtles, manatees, dugongs, and whales are often hit
by boats and caught in fishing gear. Species such as turtles that lay their eggs on land often lose
their nurseries due to coastal development. The dying coral reefs all over the world produce a large amount of oxygen that benefits humans. Just as the Amazon has been named the ‘lungs of the world’, coral reefs are known as the ‘rainforests of the sea’. Animals that have taken millions of years to evolve, that are invaluable to all ecosystems, have and continue to vanish from places
where they once flourished.

Having stated this, a lot of corrective measures have been implemented in various coastal regions of the world. These associations and reserves are not given the amount of credit they should be. Most people are not aware that such associations have been created and that if they lend a helping hand it could make such a great difference to the marine ecosystem. Our future generations have the right to see what is seen today, to interact with the same majestic creatures and to witness the same beauty. If humans do not step forward and acknowledge what is happening, the aftermath will be deeply regretted by them.

In the light of spreading awareness about endangered species of marine animals, this research will
be an insight of how the target audience responds to a constructive approach towards showcasing violence as opposed to disturbing visual methods. Using less visually provocative imagery to convince the target audience to take a particular line of action can also be if not more effective than violent or disturbing imagery.
This typeface was implemented in postcards and in an A-Z factbook for a younger age group.