Romesco Kitchen Sink
Romesco Kitchen Sink
The Romesco kitchen sink enables users to make the most of their kitchen space. We developed a range of kitchen sinks that offer multi-functionality in a compact format. Integrated accessories allow key functional tasks such as food preparation, washing and drying to take place within the sink saving worktop space.
Insights & Research
The average kitchen size in Europe is less than 12m2, the kitchen should be an efficient and functional area which utilises all available space. The kitchen sink is a key functional area and is an important element of daily workflow. We conducted research to review the type of sinks across different homes, many sinks adopted small bowls with large drainers using a significant amount of worktop space.
Concept Development
As a result of our customer insights we explored how a sink could utilise space more efficiently. We identified an opportunity to use accessories within the bowl for key functional tasks. This allowed us to reduce the overall footprint of the sink, saving valuable worktop space.

Throughout the development we had to be conscious of manufacturing constraints to achieve a commercially viable solution whilst maintaining a consistent and coordinated design language that adhered to the Goodhome brand.
Prototype and Refinement
We tested and evaluated a variety of prototypes at different stages of the design process. We continually refined and improved the design to ensure we achieved high performance at an affordable price. 
Design Proposal
The Romesco range consists of 6 sinks with a selection of integrated accessories. The sinks are manufactured from composite quartz and stainless-steel offering different price points to a wide range of consumers.
Integrated Accessories
Ledges within the bowl allow for different accessory combinations, whether that be for food preparation or washing up. The accessories can be orientated in a vertical or horizontal position to create a flexible space.
Large Functional Bowl
Many sinks don’t offer a functional bowl size and can be difficult for users to wash bigger items that can’t fit in the dishwasher. Romescos large bowl ensures there’s enough space to conveniently access and wash larger items.
Drainer and Dish Rack
The dish rack offers efficient storage and can be reversed and placed inside the bowl to increase the drying surface area. The integrated cutlery drainer allows the user to separate cutlery for drying and storage.
Compact Storage
When the accessories aren’t in use they can efficiently nest for compact storage.
Design for Manufacture
There were many challenges developing the range as we had to consider unique manufacturing processes across multiple materials. The accessories had to be carefully considered in order to function effectively across both the composite quartz and stainless-steel sinks.

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Developed by the Kingfisher Design Team 

Designer - David Needham
Designer - Bhaven Chauhan
Product Engineer - Nat Allen

Available in B&Q UK, Castorama FR, Castorama PL, Brico Depot FR

£120 - £220

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Romesco Kitchen Sink

Romesco Kitchen Sink