Takean adjective tightly related to the music; we take Violent! Nowcreate a brand with name and logo that sounds and shows the violence:)
Than create a promotional adv for your brand!

Zorn - Disco Distruction is a local born to replace the need to find a valve outlet that will get rid of the neuroses of modern life, offering the possibility to express their angery, crashing cars or tools.
The concept idea is inspired by "Destructoterapia".
As regards the name was chosen relapse "Zorn" or "angry" in German.
Our local addresses in a general age group that goesby 18 years.
It 'a place for anyone who need to give vent to stress and frustrations, for example the young boy witha a love dissapointment or an amploy on the brink of a nervous breakdown,
Frustrated housewife ....