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Italian Transport System

Analyzing the transport system gives back a wide range in quantity and variety of issues and informations available.We focused our work mainly on the infrastructural system nationwide.
Our survey carefully focuses on mayers and troubles whic new infrastructures create at local level. It makes a point of laws and normatives that regolate the infrastructural net development in European countries. As far as it is concerned about the analysis of new infrastructures increase, we have pointed out how different roles may interact.
In other words, how citizens can influence the opinion of the plaintiffs that actually has decisional power in ruling the system. We have foremost mapped critical areas nationwide. For the BreBeMi highway project we have identified the main plaintiffs and their thinking.
You can find our map also here:http://www.towards.be/site/spip.php?article188 a Belgian site of infographic and on DensityDesign Lab. blog
Italian Transport System