Freesbe - Free Sound Diffusion!

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    Free sound diffusion!
    Freesbe is the result of the longing to broaden our musical horizons, to express ourselves freely and to create a no mediated communication networks.
    Using wireless technology, the user could broadcast his own music, or he could listen to the other's one.
    Connecting and listening to a network Freesbe becomes a transmitter of what you're listening too. Thus, more you listen, more the Freesbe signal network will be spread and in the same time increase its widespread.
    The structure created remind the radio one, with a difference: everybody can create his own free radio and will use a new network totally made by the people with no reference to official telco's networks (like those of telephone companies). It was finalist at the SAMSUNG YOUNG DESIGN AWARD '07 and the winner of R/GA Mobile Music Contest.

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