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    Advertising campaign for yearlong 75th anniverary of a neurosurgical practice.
Mayfield 75th Anniversary campaign
Our team used its collective experience in marketing and advertising, media outreach, and event planning to create a yearlong marketing campaign for a unique and prominent neurosurgical practice, the Mayfield Clinic.
Branding. We created a special 75th anniversary mark that would integrate with Mayfield's existing corporate logo or stand alone. The mark needed to communicate "brain" "spine" and "75 years" in a compact space and appeal to a broad audience.  Our medical writers facilitated consumer testing to ensure we met these goals.
We incorporated the mark into corporate collateral materials and designed a commemorative pin.
Identity. An additional identity element, the "left-brain / right-brain" concept depicts the dual qualities of Mayfield Clinic.
Exhibit details Mayfield's rich history and balance of academic (left-brain) and innovative (right-brain) qualities. It rotated through Mayfield offices and celebratory events throughout the year, and was adapted for newsprint and magazine ads.
Celebration. Mayfield opened the year with a "Celebrating" theme which included billboard, print ads and online creative that highlighted the clinical and teaching expertise which are at the heart of Mayfield.  Our team handled all aspects of concepting, writing, and design.
Hope. Spring and March Madness ushered in our production of the second campaign theme featuring 2 Mayfield patients and their stories of hope.  Brad, a basketball player, and Susan, a dancer, represented Mayfield in outdoor and print advertising, Internet ads, video and social media. Our team handled all aspects of the creative, including writing, patient interviews, photography, concepting and design.
Events. Fall marked a time for change as we rounded out the anniversary year. Our event specialists provided all aspects of planning for three celebration events: two receptions at national neurosurgical conferences, and one local Gala.

Gala event press coverage provided by our media specialists was published in a wide variety of news outlets including Web, magazine, social media, and newspapers.

The Gala needed a new look - similar to, but distinct from the corporate 75th branding. Our design team chose a theme that reflected the art deco style and architectural elements of the venue, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza.