Patient Webinars
Giving a webinar is not like presenting from the podium! The 1-minute-per-slide rule of thumb is dreadfully boring for the attendees when they are not able to see a presenter live. Our event and media specialists can provide webinar management services, including: hosting via online platform, promotion via web ads and social media, speaker training / practice, slide deck design and animation, hosting/moderating of webinar, attendee survey feedback, and clean up webinar recording for posting on YouTube or Vimeo.
Webinar tips:
• Think of yourself as a radio or TV host (smile - voice bright and with inflection)
• Control the visual pace with slide and text animations - content should change often (every 20 seconds) to be engaging.

Slide design with visual storytelling. Animate text to prevent attendees from reading faster than the presenter can speak.
Webinar with Q&A recorded and posted to YouTube for on-demand viewing by patients.