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    An overview of cartoons that appeared in the business cartoon series, Managing to Laugh by David Willson
The business cartoon series by David Willson
Managing2Laugh in ValueRich magazine
This parody of the Mac vs. PC ads was the first full page cartoon to appear under the Managing2Laugh title in ValueRich magazine, Fall 2006
In a Summer 2007 Managing2Laugh cartoon, Jonesy the Insult Wall Street Bull slammed Wall Street and CNBC for their off-handed treatment of smaller companies.

[apologies to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog]
In the Fall 2007 issue of ValueRich magazine Jonesy reappeared in Managing2Laugh to give a remarkably prescient account of how the various factions were lining up in preparation for the mortgage default swap debacle.
Managing to Laugh first appeared as a panel cartoon series in Corporate Real Estate Executive magazine during the 90's.
The humor of Managing to Laugh cartoons would pertain to the main subject theme of each Executive magazine issue. In this case, the subject was environmental management. The term "brownfield remediation" refers to cleaning up contaminated land.
In the 90's many executives were uncomfortable or completely inexperienced with using computers. They were given these frustrating devices and then told to "Think out of the box."
The idea of moving even a small portion of a company's business to the Internet was completely exotic.
The 90's was also when words like "outsourcing," "downsizing," and "rightsizing" made their debut.
Some more corporate real estate humor.
Got a magazine or Web site that could use a good laugh now and then?

David Willson is an experienced cartoonist who can delve into the subtleties of any subject.