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    Logo, brand and corporate identity designs by David Willson
Illustrative elements create visual allegory for a stronger emotional response
David Willson draws strongly from his traditional fine art background and training when designing logos and corporate identity packages. Images and shapes are derived with the skill of a draftsman. Type is often hand lettered or artistically altered so that every detail enhances the contextual and emotional presence of the design.
Logo for a financial video Web site.
Logo for a financial publishing and events company.
Logo for an Australian fitness ball and workout program.
Logo for a Las Vegas style review at the Sheraton Bal Harbor Resort on Miami Beach.

David also did a series of impressionistic illustrations for the show's advertising, but no further visual other than the logo was necessary for a variety of tombstone ads and listings. The logo communicated the sexy excitement of the show as a stand-alone element.
Corporate Identity design for the Classic Turf company. The company had a product distribution network and franchise business as well as being turf farmers and suppliers. A large part of their business was related to the golf industry. The logo was designed to combine a strong corporate image with visual allegory relating to the farming and market aspects of its business.
Logo for an upscale children's clothing boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL
Corporate Identity design for The Institute for Corporate Real Estate, a professional education and designation program for corporate real estate management. The corporate symbol was designed to be contemporary as well as communicate the sensibility of an established institution. 
Logo and symbol for the official West Palm Beach, FL Centennial Celebration. This unique project incorporated illustrations done by David Willson's great-grandfather, who was a Palm Beach pioneer and a noted illustrator in the l880s. 
Masthead design for Artcraft South magazine. The lettering and negative spaces form subliminal shapes that are evocative of craft knife blades, weaving, curled wood shavings and even a dove.
Logo for a South Florida construction company that specialized in retail shopping center construction.The sensibility of the graphics communicate strength and stability for this trade-related client. At the same time, a stylish nod is given to the Mediterranean Revival architecture prevalent in the area.
Logo for a high-concept high-energy nightclub in a Sheraton Hotel in Houston, TX. This logo was entirely illustrated and hand-lettered for a unique fun-loving quality.
The logo for Syd's Lounge, in the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Houston TX, was designed to combine contemporary stylishness with the feeling of a owner-operated neighborhood pub.
Logo for a charitable foundation.