Feature articles written by David Willson
From 2004-2008, David Willson was editor-in-chief of ValueRich magazine, a publication for entrepreneurs and investors focusing on small-cap public companies. The subjects of feature articles were wide ranging; geared toward the readership's adventurous and acquisitive lifestyle.
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The Arts
Ronnie Wood’s legendary career as a rock musician spans 40 years, with the last 30 years in the Rolling Stones. Much of that time he has had a tandem career as a visual artist. He attended art school with the intention of becoming a professional artist and has been producing fine art for exhibition since the early 1980s.
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After a day of work in his studio, his wife Andrea will often ask him, “How was your day today?” And he will say something like, “today I was Jimi Hendrix’s shirt.”
There is no question that the true genius of McCay’s work revolves around his unique ability to convincingly deconstruct normal thought into the non-linear anti-logic of dreams. Even the most jaded reader should quickly surrender disbelief and reconnect with his or her childlike mind in an eerily familiar feeling of wonderment.

" I felt that he knew everything about me in a split second. He was a street-smart, animal-like non-intellectual, and hip. In fact, he brought new meaning to the word hip: he was super-hip.”
Iconic Business Stories
The ballad of the Gibson Guitar Company is, in many senses, the ballad of 20th century music. Gibson has laid down the sustaining chords beneath the world’s love affair with American jazz, blues and rock music, and occasionally broken loose with an electrifying lead riff of innovation.
Her eyes traveled the length of the tubing. But a small movement among the rafters startled her. A little sigh of surprise escaped her lips. “Bats!” she exclaimed. “They will bring us good luck.”

Three Swiss watchmakers were gaining worldwide recognition for a series of innovations in the construction of timepieces. Daniel JeanRichard, Pierre Jaquet-Droz and Jacques Gevril were the equivalent of Silicon Valley whiz kids in their day.

Town and Country
West Palm Beach appears to be poised on the verge of sharing international prominence with its neighbor Palm Beach, which has long-standing ties to wealth, royalty and the European corporate elite.

Santa Fe–style ceilings constructed of herringbone-patterned wooden latillas supported by massive vigas (beams made from solid piñon trunks), ornately carved doors, adobe fireplaces and liberal use of flagstones artfully blend prehistoric sensibilities with contemporary proportions. The ultimate impression is that of a totally hip centuries-old pueblo.

Motoring and Yachting
The Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris so thoroughly combines 19th century coachwork sensibilities with early 20th century aircraft styling and 21st century supercar technology that it looks like some cross-dimensional visitor from a parallel universe.

Hooked up and running, with flush surfaces  and a seamless angular glass superstructure, the 118 WallyPower resembles a stealth aircraft more than a yacht. At anchor or dock, this sci-fi watercraft goes through a total change in personality. It transforms itself into a series of teak terraces, airy pavilions and studio loft-like lounges from bow to stern — a postmodern paradise.

How many times have you heard the phrase “As GM goes, so goes the nation”? How often have you come across someone referring to “America’s love affair with the automobile”? These common sayings epitomize American culture in the 20th century and remind us of a heritage that we struggle to retain. And this tradition probably would not exist if not for one man — Harley Earl.
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