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    Energy to your dreams, the first of three poster campaign that promote Artbold Studio and people around the world to pursuit their dreams.
Energy To Your Dreams
Needing a fuel for your creativity? How about achieving that dream that you barely started and the lack of time prevent you to complete? This poster is the first in a series that will address this issue and portrays that moment that the time almost stop for you.
During the creative process there was a very intense debate and a lot of ideas of how to present that content in a way that was interesting and challenging enough to transcend the limits of photographic composition. The manipulation of images reflects the fanciful character of the scene, while the lighting and textures bring to reality the whole composition.
We started from a base image to create the character so we could play with the proportions and colors. Scenery and ambiance was painted, as well as the atmosphere created by the lights and smoke from the scene. We used 3D programs to create the amplifier and the cranes in the background, completing the merger in image editor. The final file is print ready in the format 40 × 22.5 cm and soon the first printings will be available.
Would you like to have your version? Leave a comment for us and be among the first to know about the release. Thanks, all comments and apreciations are welcome :-)