Adidas Record Running
Adidas Recode Running Trailer 90s Cinema | TV | Socials
Adidas Recode Running: To Hel & Back, Swords
Dirty found sound, glitches and VHS
Dirty beats, 808 and beautiful ambient pads
Adidas Record Running: The Waster Race, Trash Runners
Details sound design, engulfing atmos.
Epic cyclic synths, CS80, huge sweeping moogs.
Audio post: Zelig Sound
Sound designer/mixer: Zelig Sound
Original Music: Zelig Sound
Client: Adidas Running
Senior director brand communication: Caio Amato
Strategic consultancy: Brand Articulations
Creative studio: Lore
Founder, Executive creative director, Brand Articulations & Lore: Boyd Coyner
Creative directors, Lore: James Yeats Smith, Christian Lopez, Darren Cronje
Senior writer, Lore: Dan John
Executive producer, Lore: Bethany Papenbrock
Film /stills producer, Lore: Stephanie Whitehead
Director of strategy, Brand Articulations: Alex Jordan
Business director, Brand Articulations: Jamie Wylie
Account director, Brand Articulations: Dave Matthews
Executive producer, Brand Articulations: Darden Longenecker
Business affairs manager, Brand Articulations: Cindy Petterson
Film production: Anonymous Content x Somesuch
Director: Daniel Kaufman
Anonymous Content
Producers: Shion Hayasaka, Tarquin Glass
Executive producer: Tash Tan
Editing company: Trim
Post production: Framestore MPC
Media agency: MediaCom

Adidas Record Running

Adidas Record Running


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