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Have you ever traveled abroad?
As the journey ended, there were always leftover foreign currency, wasn’t it?

A lot of people love to travel overseas, but when they come back, they don’t know how to deal with those remaining foreign money. And we discovered that nearly 96% of departing passengers had the same problem.

Changes seem unimportant, but when we gather those small amount of money, it could be valuable for users and society.

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Target Audience
- Departing passengers
- Bank counter’s staff
- Backstage admin

April 2018 - February 2019

Project Manager: 
Page Deng|鄧培志

Product Designers: 
Kelvin Lin|林凱偉 (2018 - 2019)
Ethan Chen|陳裕升 (2017 - 2018)
Ani Hsieh|謝采倪 (Cofounder - 2017)

Bai Lee|李白

- Customized designs for business partners like WeChat, Alipay, Travelex.
- Conducted qualitative interview with 30 users and iterated product.
- Engaged 200 people using guerrilla usability test in international airports.
Overall, we help make departing passengers’ leftover currency electronic. We do it from offline to online by scanning QR code to enter our service, and delivering money through bank or exchange’s counter. Passengers then choose to transfer the money to certain e-wallet, points or charity.
Challenges & Solutions

No. 1
Challenge: Reaching users and making the app easy to use as a brand new service
Solution: Design a proper guiding, and run guerrilla usability tests at international airports

No. 2
Challenge: Solving problems only with software as hardware is too expensive
Solution: Allow customers to access our website and enable bank counter staff to collect the money

No. 3
Challenge: Dealing with language barrier communication problems by using gestures and images
Solution: Detect passenger browser's language and provide UI in different languages

No. 4
Challenge: Making the process fast due to the limited time customers have before boarding
Solution: Enable busy passengers to make the decision with ease when they arrive home
Service Blueprint
There are a lot of things to do during the trip, and we hope to make it simpler for passengers. 

In order to provide a better service, we thrive to cover as many scenarios as possible. Such as taxi, mileage and online shopping.
We observed that the exchange counters in departure areas are seldom used. So it gives us an opportunity to make the booth more valuable.
User Story
Product Architecture
Logic Flow
Demo Video
Hi-Fi Design
Design Iteration
iteration #1 showing passport and deliver money
iteration #2 staff guideline
iteration #3 bank staff app - order list
iteration #4 choose solution and enter account’s page
Style Guideline
Branding of our product
We conducted guerrilla usability test in international airports.
We were reported by press several times Eliminate Your Remaining Foreign Currency

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