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GoSky Rebrand

GoSky is one of the leading chatbot companies in East Asia.

Since founding in 2018, GoSky has served 100+ brands which are empowered to connect with customers in digital marketing.
The new identity makes GoSky more flexible to build and to evolve applications.
We communicate with clients, and clients communicate with customers.
We are connected to one another.

Communication (Chat) is the core of GoSky’s product. We use COLON as a mark to symbolize our value and service.
We are guided by 7 core values that serve as the foundation for our decisions, actions and communication.

Designer / Kelvin Lin, Abby Lin
Marketing / San Lin
CEO / Fash Chang

GoSky Inc.
GoSky Rebrand

GoSky Rebrand

GoSky, one of the leading chatbot companies in East Asia, has launched its new CIS in 2021.