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婚姻平權大平台 recharges your LGBT+ knowledge!
Know more about Taiwan's civil law changing progress & latest information.

Problems /
Taiwan's Legislative Yuan had propose the change of civil law in order to make marriage equality happen.
But in the end of 2016, anti-gay groups protested trying to stop Legislative Yuan's move.
Meanwhile, there are lots of rumors about law-changing, same-sex marriage and homosexuality.
To most people, there are only fragile information online. It's hard to know why we are going to change the law, how to change and what would happen after the change.

Solutions & Goals /
Our team organized every important messages about marriage equality. 
I can design those information so that people can understand the points. For instance, the 3 main reason why we want to change the civil law, and it only takes 5 changes in the law.
We wanted to make a websites with complete information in it, where users can search what they need and to share the correct information.
Hope to break some rumors and get more people to follow this issue.

Results /
After the site get online, there are lots of comments and shares, people are talking about this site.
According to the official Facebook fan page we can see there are more than 4,000 shares.
Most of the comment are positive.
Like "This website is beautiful with clear information, and solved my concern!"
"I want to save this link and share it to all of my family!"


問題分析 Problems / 
2016 年末,反同團體大力阻饒立法院的修法提案,

解決方案與目標 Solutions & Goals / 
使一般人也能快速了解重點,例如修民法的 3 大原因、同婚通過其實只要修 5 條法律。

成效 Results / 
這個網站上線後立即得到大量的討論和分享,從官方粉絲團發布的文章就至少有 4000+ 的分享數,

文案整理與規劃 / 

網站設計與工程 / 

網站連結 / 婚姻平權大平台

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