Illustrations for corporate 
calendar’2019 for Polyus

Polyus is the largest gold producer in Russia with second largest area of explored reserves in the world. More than two million kilograms of gold, just imagine!

Although this is not the first project we have done for the client, it’s certainly the most unusual.

We took as a basis real photographs of the places where gold mining is conducted.These alien landscapes urged us to add something uncommon. But we wanted to stick to its natural look.

We imagined what gold-mining machines might look like. Working in such conditions is a task for a hero, so our characters are courageous robots for which there are no unsolvable tasks.

We created four unique robots. Let us introduce them:

Goldimus Prime

Сaptain of our team. The strongest, the most enduring and purposeful. Defender of small (four human height) tippers. With his wide buckets he collects the land undermined by Bomber and transfers it to the Fortress.


He walks like a spider on four legs-exploders. When he turns on his drillers even the hardest rock cannot resist.


Nonetheless he slouched over, he is a very sociable guy with an excellent ironic sense of humor. We wish you could hear his jokes while collecting the rock with his long bucket-like arms, reaching it even in the most hard-to-reach places.


His duty is to take the rock from Goldimus and bring it to the store. Scary to say how much land he has to carry in his container... But he does not complain.

As a result, we created 12 plots which became the visual basis for each month. A little layout and calendar for 2019 is ready!


Aleksandr Medvynskyi — account manager
Artem Lukichev — art-director
Anna Svarovskaya — concept-design
Dmitry Zaviyalov — CGI art-director
Vika Kuzmina — graphic-design
YellowBrand — graphic-design
Max Stekolschikov — animation
Michael Tsvetkov — video
Aleksandr Somov — copywriting
Yana Tikhonenkova — English version

Song — Tvoe Daleko

Illustrations for corporate calendar’2019 for Polyus