Kaskonomika is a service allowing to save money on car insurance. Just enter your data and the service will select the most cost-effective and rational insurance offers for you. Our goal was to create an identity that can be used for all materials, including website and application.Vivid and memorable identity, of course, but what is the most important — creating trustworthy image.

Astronaut Dog from the future. Your “magic” assistant. And in this case rational approach is the key to its magic.
Why draw trivial icons if we have assistant character?

Made by CreativePeople

Aleksandr Medvinskiy — account manager;
Vladimir Kulikov — art-director;
Evgeny Shishkarev — illustrator;
Anna Svarovskaya — designer;
Maxim Stekolschikov — motion designer;
Vladimir Kowalsky — technical designer, illustrator.