Western Baikal protected areas are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The territory needed to be more recognizable in Russian and global tourism business.
The territory consists of 4 areas, separated geographically. Each area has its own characteristics, which had to be reflected on the logo. We decided to use stylistic of the old petroglyphs of ancient local tribes in identity.
TA: Russian tourists and tourists from around the world, especially from China. Independent tourists and travel agencies. Local population. Сommercial organizations that have business in or near areas. Government and other nature reserves and national parks.

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Aleksandr Medvinskiy — manager and chief of tribe;
Vladimir Kulikov — art-director and shaman;
Evgeny Shishkarev — illustrator;
Anna Svarovskaya — designer;
Maxim Stekolshikov — motion designer;

Western Baikal protected areas