Didi Chuxing App, for ordinary consumers, is just a car-hailing tool with low brand-awareness in its technological advances.
In fact, every match of driver and passenger is the result of big data and cloud computing which  is all about technology.
Didi needs to simplify those complicated technologies and to transmit to its consumers, so that they can recognize the technical capabilities of its  brand and the value it brings to the society. Therefore, we compile 7 technology points and hide them into the brains of 7 ancient celebrities.
Comparing with the terrible traveling experience of the ancients, we can clearly see how easily and effectily modern people enjoy in their travel, 
owing to  Didi's technologies. We made these 7 tech-points stories into 7 30-second animated short films and designed a html5  website called "Movie Library in Mind" to package the 7 animitions. 

html5 website来包装承载这7支动画。

See more details below.​​​​​​

In the very beginning, we created two concepts to show the 7 technology points.

Option 1 
We described Didi Technology as an obelisk representing human civilization and launched it into space and finally captured by aliens.
Each side of the obelisk is engraved by pictogram to show the totem of each technology point. The human technological civilizations were interpreted  from the perspective of aliens, to let didi users understand the technology in a humorous way.

将滴滴科技比喻为为代表人类文明的方尖碑,用火箭发射到太空,最终被外星人捕获。方尖碑的每一面都用象形图案雕刻为图腾,对着一个应科技点。​​​​​​​从外星人的视角去解读这些人类的科技文明,以幽默的形式让用户了解这些滴滴的科技 。​​​​​​​

Option 2
We designed the 7 ancients with nutcracker style to reveal the awkwardness and helplessness of the ancients at that time. The head of each puppet can be opened, so that we can easily see what were troubles haunting them everyday. Their mind stories are showed by 7 different animations. After that, we displayed to the audience today's technology. We have designed today's technology into the image of a smart robot, and deepen the  audience's impression by the huge contrast between the past and nowadays.


The home entrance animation, in a dark tone background, quickly set up the gate of the library. The design of the gate refers to the classic poster of The Nutcracker(1993). Click the button on the gate and the lens moves forward. A fantastic view of the library is presented to users with an delicate animation effect, and then the user needs to select one of the statues of the celebrities which are displayed like exhibits.

​​​​​​​The layout of each character:

Yongzheng (he was busy with the political papers in his whole life. 
However, all those information can be processed in a flash, compared to the big data processing ability of Didi)
Columbus (The New World is found actually by a fluke, comparing to the accurate judgment of the optimal route based on didi’s real-time data)
Alice Hawe (the inventor of zipper, he can never believe that the world's largest zipper is didi’s zipper car which can adjust the tidal road in real-time)
Alpha Go (the pronunciation of Go is the same as Dog in Chinese)
(Alpha Go is facing 361 points crossed by 19x19 lines on the chess board, and Didi AI processes thousands of data per day 
which including Countless real-time vehicle data on the road)
(Alpha Go在围棋领域面对的是围棋棋盘上19x19条线交叉出的361个点,而滴滴人工智能每天处理的数据是成千上万条道路上无数实时车辆)
Jia Dan (he spent 17 years drawing the first map in the history of China. Comparing witha the traffic guidance screen of Didi,  to draw the road information map based on real-time information is so efficient and rapid)
Indians (the Indian people love carpooling, but it is neither convenient nor safe when comparing to the efficient carpooling calculated by didi’s intelligent matching algorithm)   印度人 (开挂的印度民族喜爱拼车,但既不便捷也不安全,对比滴滴通过智能匹配算法计算出的高效拼车) 
Every time, when users open a brain, they will see an interesting brain scene and an interesting animation about Didi’s Technology. Each animation begins with the story of each character. By contrasting with their terrible experiences, we draw out the technical strength of Didi, and try our  best to make the transition natural and interesting. After watching the video, users will enter the introduction page of the specific technology point. The style of these pages will be in sharp contrast with the previous one, converting from hand-pure puppet style to the intelligent AI of modern technology style which will definitely let users fully feel the modern technology visually and intuitively.
Animated motion segmentation and description documents

After we confirmed the final layouts, the animation execution and program development part is handed over to the executive company Whale Dream.
Html5 website (online)screen video
Html5 website 录屏视频,实际上线效果演示

The complete 7 animations in H5 can be viewed in the following link.

Movie-poster styled communication materials
Launch Time - 2017.10
Director - 记明/Jiming
Storyboard - 记明/Jiming
Art Director - 记明/Jiming & 杨惠/Cosmo
Illustration - 记明/Jiming & 杨惠/Cosmo
Animation - 杨惠/Cosmo & 鲸梦/Whale Dream
Copywriter - 乐乐
Develop - 鲸梦/Whale Dream

Welcome to scan the code to learn more. thank you

2017.10 / A Movie Library in brain

2017.10 / A Movie Library in brain

Didi Chuxing App, for ordinary consumers, is just a car-hailing tool with low brand-awareness in its technological advances. In fact, every match Read More


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