DD Shanghai had the pleasure to team up with JD.com, one of the largest e-commerce company in China, to help craft a promo video for a series of 3 canvas bags that JD & Kusama collaborated.  We follow the red dot that symbolized JD on a journey through a carefully designed Kusama inspired art journey. One of the the biggest challenge during the process is that we are not allowed to use any of her artwork or pattern, therefore we had to come up with various creative solution to pay tribute to her without actually using her creation. We hope you enjoy this journey with us!

DD Shanghai 这次荣幸与京东合作 帮京东× 草间弥生的首次跨界合作:他们以「IN THE NAME OF LOVE」(以爱之名)为题,推出三款京东× 草间弥生大师联名艺术家帆布袋,做了宣传30秒视频。数字王国将两者的碰撞影像化,在上面这个视频中,包揽导演、创意发想、视觉设计、动画以及音乐和音效制作。草间弥生擅长用重复的图腾,构建混淆真实与虚拟存在的空间。在这一次的作品中,数字王国的艺术家们延伸了同样的概念,打造了一个充满视觉错位的美术馆。
京东 JD.com
蓝色光标 BlueFocus
数字王国 Digital Domain
Director & Creative Director
许涵怡 / Helen Hsu
Executive Producer
曾启福 / Chifu Tseng
王琦悱 / Devin Wong
Motion Lead
董照展 / Donerzozo
Motion Designers
黄思杰 / Evan Huang | Hai Le | 陈雯 / Wen Chen
Music Supervisor
李铭杰 / Rockid Lee